IPC Information

Non Financial Information

Name of Organisation Bo Tien Welfare Services Society

Address No. 6, Fourth Chin Bee Road, Singapore 619708

Contact Information
Name of Contact Person:Benny Chua
Telephone:6262 6021
Fax No:6262 0889
Email Address:botiensg@singnet.com.sg
Web-site Address:www.botien.org.sg

Charity Status
Charity Registration No:1275
Registration Date:15 September 1997

IPC Status
Effective Period:1 November 2021 to 31 July 2024
Type of Fund:General
Programs: - Bo Tien Home for the Aged
- Bo Tien Mutual Help & Care
- Bo Tien Day Activity Centre for the Elderly

Auditor Lo Hock Ling & Co.