Bo Tien Home for the Aged
Form in 1974 under the guidance of our Patron Saint Lord Bo Tien. It is a free permanent shelter for the aged homeless.

  • To take care of the needy aged and aged sick elderly
  • To instill the love and care values amongst the young
  • Promote member of the public to get involve with the volunteer services

Maximum Capacity: 32 beds

Admission Criteria:
  • 60 years and above with no immediate relatives
  • Singapore Citizen with Public Assistance issued by Community Development Council
  • Referred by doctors, social workers from the hospitals, nursing home, MCYS, NCSS and other welfare centres

Food and Accommodation: Free

  • Exercises:
    2 sessions in morning and afternoon. These exercises are conducted by our certified nursing aides to maintain and improve the physical fitness for our residents.
  • Wellness session:
    Conduct at 3pm after the tea-break. Activities like making of photo-frame, cut and paste, playing of colour and number games to enhance the resident's mental wellness.
  • In-house recreation:
    Corporate, Families, Culture Society, Educational Institutions and School students to perform in-house or interacting with the residents from time to time. During the group gatherings, it develops the bonding between the members of general public and our residents.
  • Outdoor activities:
    These are generally organized by organization or member of general public who invites us to attend various function and activities. Through these activities, we are able to promote the awareness of elderly care and long term partnership with the community.

Medical Care: Voluntary medical consultant will review the residents twice a month. Residents who require continual medical care will be referred to the specialist clinics in various hospitals for follow up.

Future Plan: To provide the rehabilitation programme for all residents.